Alexander Ovechkin is on pace to break Gretzky’s record

When we talk about NHL ice hockey we are currently part of the eleventh decade of hockey with the best players in the world. Over the time many players put up insane statistics and successful careers. While many of them got introduced into the NHL Hall of Fame one is still leading the herd and stands out with enourmous numbers and with holding countless records. Wayne Gretzky is still considered to be the best player to ever play the game. With ending his profesional career in 1999 he still holds the record for most scored points.

Since Gretzky has left the NHL the game has changed. The players got bigger, stronger, faster and especially more athletic. With these factors playing a huge part in todays game, scoring has become difficult and challenging to put up consistency. While Gretzkys record for scored assists seems to be unbreakable forever the record for scored goals moves every year closer to the edge.

It is safe to say that the Russian scoring machine Alexander Ovechkin will be the only one to ever have a shot to break this unreal record with 894 goals. In his 15th NHL season Ovechkin is 34 years old and has 684 goals and counting. He already is leading all scorers among active players. Since he shows no sign of slowing down experiences show that with players at his age the on-ice production and health condition can decline. To break Gretzkys record Ovechkin can not allow himself to slow down nor to be unhealthy. Over his career Ovechkin has scored an average 0.61 goals per game which is an impressive number. To reach 894 goals he needs to put up his scoring pace at least another 344 games which is equivalent of more than four full NHL seasons.

While Ovechkin keeps scoring for the Washington Capitals the hunt is on. The media attention to this topic isn’t on the monthly screen yet but if the Russian forwards stays healthy he will be on the daily news while he is getting closer to reach up to Wayne Gretzky.

by Robin Morgenthaler, Argentina

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