Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom was a forward line for the Philadelphia Flyers who played together between 1995 and 1997 including  centre Eric Lindros, left winger John LeClair and right winger Mikael Renberg. They were given this name not only for their offensive play, but also their ability to dominate games physically. The name was popularized by Flyers announcer Gene Hart.
The line registered its first point on Saturday, February 11, 1995, in a game against the New Jersey Devils. The line made an immediate impact, as it helped the Flyers defeat the Devils 3–1. Before tje formation of the Line the Flyers had to struggle. They've lost 8 out of 11 of their first Games, one of them in Overtime.
In their final 37 Games (including the one on February 11 against the Devils), the Flyers went 25–9–3 and made it even to the Eastern Confernce Finals ( a six-game loss to the Devils with Scott Niedermeyer, Scott Stevens and Martin Brodeur who were the Stanley Cup Champions that later that Season ).
The Legion of Doom went on to score 80 goals and collect 96 assists that season for Philadelphia. Eric Lindros, with a total of 70 points, tied the Pittsburgh Penguins' Jaromir Jagr for the scoring lead that season, but the Art Ross Trophy was given to Jagr as he had 32 goals to Lindros' 29. Lindros, however, was named the league MVP, winning the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Lester B. Pearson Award.
The line stayed together for the 1995–96 season, which would turn out to be their most productive, as they scored 121 goals and picked up 134 assists. Their last season together was 1996–97, where they scored 104 goals and collected 131 assists. The Legion's offensive production was down due to injuries to Renberg.
They also led the Philadelphia Flyers to the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, collecting 26 goals and 32 assists in their Play-off run, as they beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, and New York Rangers in five games each and played against the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals and they were swept by the Wings in four Games. 
After the Flyers choked in the Stanley Cup Finals by the Red Wings, the contract with Head Coach Terry Murray was not renewed. But he stayed in Philadelphia as a Pro Scout an later as Assistant Coach. 
The line would be broken up in the 1997 off-season, as Philadelphia dealt Renberg in exchange for Chris Gratton. Lindros and LeClair still played on the same line for the next three seasons, with players such as Keith Jones at right-wing. Later Renberg would return to Philadelphia for exactly the same trade which would send Gratton back to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Although Renberg returned, the original Legion of Doom did not. Renberg could never make it past the third forward line.

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