Is LeBron James the GOAT of Basketball?

Since LeBron James came into the NBA at the age of 18, the sports world has witnessed one of the most phenomenal careers any athlete has ever had. Now 16 years later, James is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, only adding to his legacy after virtually having achieved everything there could be accomplished in basketball. Consequently, it is no surprise that within the basketball community he is in the discussion of being the GOAT, which stands for the greatest of all time.

Being drafted directly from High School into the NBA by the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James immediately drew enormous attention due to his exceptional skills and his physical superiority, being called the chosen one by Sports Illustrated Magazine. Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Akron Ohio, just one hour away from Cleveland, the pressure was immediately put on LeBron’s shoulders, excepting to deliver a sports title to the city after a title drought of nearly 50 years. Often scrutinized for his unselfish play at the end of games, his antics and his free agent decisions, James has been able to overcome all of his doubters, winning various MVPs and titles for the Miami Heat and the long-sought-after championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Due to his complete game und being one of the physical specimens in sports history, LeBron James is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, according to many only second to Michael Jordan’s unhuman legacy. Currently playing in his 17th year for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron is still is on top of his game and does not seem to have slowed down, which is unprecedented at this stage of his career. If LeBron James manages to even add further to his long list of career achievements, he may be arguably the GOAT when it’s all said and done.

by Gabriel Guerra, Colombia, Dec. 2019

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