Pekka Rinne's incredible Goalie Goal

No matter if being a forward, a defender or even a goaltender, scoring a goal in the National Hockey League is always part of living the dream once standing on the ice. While forwards are supposed to score plenty of goals, defenders and especially goaltenders have other tasks to achieve on a team.

However on January 9th 2020 the Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne had different plans in mind. Late in the game the Preds were leading the game with a two goal advantage while the opponent Chicago Blackhawks had an empty net to play the remaining time with an extra player trying to turn around the game. The attacking Blackhawks got the puck deep into the Preds defensive zone were behind the net Pekka Rinne was waiting to stop the puck. Usually a goaltender tries to get the puck to a defender of his own team as soon as he can to create a play. Instead Pekka Rinne decided to stop the puck and just shoot it far over the middle line to become the 12th NHL goalie to score a goal in its rich history.

All goaltenders in the unique goalie goal club usually either shot the puck into the opponents empty net late in the game to seal the deal or got credited as the player who touched the puck last before it went into the net. In either way the goalies become legends. Two legends even managed it to score multible goalie goals. Ron Hextall scored twice for the Philadelphia Flyers and Martin Brodeur even scored three times in his career with the New Jersey Devils.

Fun fact for Swiss-fellas: Bern native and Preds captain Roman Josi was the first one to congratulate Pekka Rinne on ice and to give him a proper celebration after the puck went in.

by Robin Morgenthaler, Argentina

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